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Sep 07, 2010 · Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. i was just recording this when a female gorilla was scared when mr king kong ...
Aug 20, 2009 · Air Bud TV: Music Video - "It Feels Like Magic" Gordon Maxwell - "MVP: Most Valuable Primate" - Duration: 1:31. Air Bud TV 4,786 views
Jun 08, 2009 · Jack wordt toegelaten tot het ijshockeyteam van de Seattle Simians. Al snel groeit de chimp uit tot een van de beste en populairste spelers. De ...
Mar 02, 2011 · Dr. Robert Sapolsky discusses his work as professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University and as a research associate with the Institute of ...
Mar 26, 2010 · this was takin off, so I figured I would put it back up!!:!!
Mar 22, 2012 · According to local legends, the aye-aye is a demon that can kill just by pointing a finger. Not quite... but if you're a grub, its bizarre middle digit can ...
Dec 06, 2011 · Monkeys, Apes, Humans.....we're all part of the same order of mammals called the Primates. This video explains what makes a primate, well....a primate!
Sep 27, 2010 · Programa Decadas transmitido el dia 26 de septiembre.
Nov 08, 2007 · Kanzi in a research session at Great Ape Trust of Iowa. Here Kanzi uses the lexigram system
Jun 27, 2011 · In theaters now! Purchase tickets online @ - Are you smarter than …
Sep 17, 2012 · *must watch*! Fascinating video on experiments of "love" done with monkeys
Aug 22, 2011 · Now, we've all seen humans acting like monkeys, but, this is the other way around. And it amazes me..
Apr 07, 2008 · Watch the planning and specific positions involved in a detailed chimpanzee attack on a colabus monkey deep in the forest. Amazing videos of when …
Jun 24, 2009 · Anaheim Angels Baseball Rally Monkey with the Brady Bunch vs Boston Red Sox - Duration: 1:41. blockvalve 15,415 views
Sep 21, 2010 · James Brown -The Payback Year: 1973 Keep The Funk Alive !!
Jun 09, 2012 · SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE REAL TECHNO RELEASES! Jeff Mills Live @ BBC Radio One Essential Mix (07.06.1998) Tracklist (Two playlists, incomplete): …
Aug 18, 2006 · 6 Reasons Why 2001: A Space Odyssey is the Most Important Sci-Fi Movie of All-Time - Duration: 4:56. IGN 388,974 views

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