Is Mickey Mouse ARRESTED By Paw Patrol Chase?! w/ Spiderman, Marshall & Joker Driving Car Real Life

Length: 14:33

Publish date: 2017 Jun 24

Author: Brinoco

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Description: Is Mickey Mouse ARRESTED By Paw Patrol Chase w Spiderman, Marshall Joker Driving Car Real LifeHey guys today we have an amazing video Okay here is the story We Police Paw Patrol Chase doing his job as a police man trying to regulate traffic so no one make a traffic violations with their cars and bikes Then Hulk come driving his motorbike he is stopped by Paw patrol chase but everything is okay Then Mickey Mouse come but is speeding really fast doing a traffic violations so paw patrol obviously stops him as hes driving car He suddenly checks Mickey Mouse infos Then we hear Joker laughs Mickey Mouse transform into Joker He was infact Joker and NOT Mickey Mouse Joker then start chase Paw Patrol as Chase run to ride his bike Paw patrol Marshall then set up a TRAP to Joker and manage to Police arrest Joker with the help of chase then we have other episodes of spiderman and hulk thanks for watching and come back for next episode of Audio LibraryMusic by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution CC BY

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