Top 10 Unlikely Animal Friendships

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Description: Top unlikely animal video is about cute and funny animals that have a rather odd inter-species to see weekly List Fact videos MEDIA - Follow me for cookies.My Instagram you have any copyright issues then please contact me directly via the contact button on my channels about page.Music by Kevin Macleod and videos are used under YouTubes fair usage policy.Licensed Under Creative Commons THE LABRADORIf anyone wants to mess with Buda the Labrador theyll have to get past his tiger friends first.This bizarre group of friends all grew up together on the same wildlife reserve in South Carolina. Visitors to the park are shocked when they see a little Labrador running around the tiger enclosure without a care in the world.These exotic cats play with Buda and treat him as one of their own, who says cats and dogs cant get alongMILO THE DOG AND BONEDIGGER THE LIONMile the dog and Bonedigger the lion. When Bonedigger was a little cub, it was discovered he had a bone disease that left him disabled.Milo the teeny tiny Dachshund decided he would protect the poor lion cub and be his best buddy.Years past and Bonedigger obviously grew into the massive lion he is today but he didnt see little Milo as a snack, instead he was grateful and now the little dog and the pound lion are the most unlikely of best friends.MANI THE WILD BOAR PIGLET AND CANDY THE DOGManni the wild boar piglet was found by a family, close to death in a field in southwest Germany.The family took the little boar home but they were worried how their Jack Russel would react to a little boar in the house.They had nothing to worry about, Mani the boar and candy the dog instantly hit it off and theyve been the best of friends ever since.BUBBLES THE AFRICAN ELEPHANT AND BELLA THE BLACK LABRADORBubbles the elephant was saved from poachers and sent to a safari reserve in the united states. It was here that she met her her best friend, Bella the Labrador.Even though there is a huge difference in size, this doesnt stop them running around and playing together.They swim together, nap together and bubbles even takes Bella for rides and plays fetch.TORQUE THE DOG AND SHREK THE OWLNow this is a rather unlikely friendship, a greyhound and an owl.when Shrek the owl was removed from his mother at months, torque the dog decided he would raise the chick himself.Now this bizarre pairing are the two best friends in the whole world, they even cuddle up and watch tv together.FRED THE LABRADOR AND DENNIS THE DUCKLINGFred the Labrador and Dennis the Duckling. This happy story started with a sad beginningDennis the ducklings mum was killed by a Fox, Fred and his owner were out for a walk when they stumbled upon the lost and lonely duckling.Fred took an instant liking to Dennis and the owner decided to take the poor duckling home.Now they are the best buddies, Fred cleans Dennis, and they now go for walks, swims and take naps togetherSHERE KHAN, BALOO AND LEOShere Khan The tiger, Ballo the bear and Leo the lion, the real life jungle book.These animals wouldnt usually be friends in the wild but they are bonded because of the horrible abuse they suffered together at the hands of their drug dealer owner.they were found in a basement, scared, malnourished and riddled with parasites.they were thankfully rescued and taken to the Noahs ark sanctuary in the US where they scheduled to be split up and put in their own though the decision was made to keep them together and this odd trio now live happily in each others company.

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