Trump Mocks Reporter's Disability, Claims They Never Met. Met Him 12 Times

Length: 4:12

Publish date: 2017 May 25

Author: David Pakman Show

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Description: --Donald Trump mocks reporter Serge F. Kovaleskis disability and claims they never met they have met the Bonus Show Bill Gates will invest billion in a clean energy partnership, the Gods of Egypt trailer features all white people, an app that shows you the wireless signals around you, more...Support TDPS by clicking bookmark it too this link before shopping on Amazon a Member our Patron on Patreon This on Reddit Twitter Twitter Gear Voicemail Line to The David Pakman Show for more news is important We upload new clips every day, 6-8 stories Make sure to on November , Davids Instagram httpwww.instagram.comdavid.pakman

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