Deer hit, decapitated by theme park ride; Deer fakes dead: Hunter startled by buck - compilation

Length: 16:4

Publish date: 2017 Mar 27

Author: TomoNews US

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Description: A group of English theme park visitors were showered with deer blood after the rollercoaster they were riding hit a wayward deer2. Dashcam footage shows the deer performing a triple axel as it goes flying over the hood of a cop’s cruiser in Decoursey Pike, Kentucky.3. Deer fakes dead A hunter is startled when a playacting buck rises from the dead, with hilarious results. Hunter and YouTube user Nick Faber can be seen climbing down from a deer stand. His mobile phone filming, he walks a few yards to document the kill.4. Filmed on June , the video shows an adult deer screaming for its life as a young bear bites down on its neck. The two animals struggle for the duration of the video, which lasts less than minute. The video quickly went viral, and is still one of the rarest moments caught on camera.5. A white-tailed deer jumped through the windshield of a CamTran bus in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The bus was carrying just one female passenger when the deer suddenly broke through the front of the bus.Be sure to subscribe to TomoNews for more of the craziest news stories from around the news thats fun and never boring, visit our to stay updated on all the top our website for all the latest, uncensored videos Check out our Android app out our iOS app connected with us hereFacebook tomonewsus tomonewsus httpinstagram.comtomonewsus

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