Obi Wan's bad joke (Extended) (Best Quality)

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Publish date: 2017 Apr 25

Author: Gromt

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Description: - Allt från parfymer till heminredning och soffor online.Latest Video Qui-Gon is being of Anakin being annoying daughter got an lightsaber today, watch this VERSION HERE miss this video Obi-Wan is being embarrasing wan is trying to tell qui-gon a really good joke, but qui-gon dont think its that funny. I guess that obi-wan was in a really good mood and was feeling funny and that it was a good time to tell something to lighten up the mood.Shortcut to bad joke 041Maybe there was something in the air inside the ventilation shaft that made him tell qui-gon this joke. Or maybe obi-wan had that drink in the beginning of the video that qui-gon didnt want becouse it smelled funny or somethingI like this star wars movie.If you like to se more videos please subscribe or let me know if you like this one.Other VideosObi-Wan keeps falling for tastes something nasty is being absent being annoying Wans bad joke Extended Best Quality Wans bad joke re-edited enhanced version 1080p calls the federation you like big dogs Check this out you like creepy spiders check it out you like cats, check this out

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