ProZD - Vines Compilation December/2016 Updated

Length: 15:0

Publish date: 2017 Jan 17

Author: Best of Vines Compilations

Views: 26571

Description: Thanks, VineVine is closingWhen youre mad at video games but controllers are expensive as hellWhen your friend hasnt seen a thingIf people acted like cats pt. 3me on chopped pt. 2Video game character becomes aware of the fragility of his mortalityWhen you try at first to hide youre listening to an anime songWhen you realize youre ordering way too much food for one personmy cats got fetch all figured outIf people acted like cats pt. 2youll pay for thisIf people acted like catsWhen a video game dialogue option is way more aggressive than you anticipatedIll be a guest at ShumatsuCon on April 14-16, in Columbus, OhioA world where all talking to pets voices and regular speaking voices are switchedPokemon Go seminar for advertising execsProfessor WillowA more accurate Pokemon Go trailerBowser gives his level contractors some off those anime training weightswhen youre an NPC whose script forces you to compliment the shitty playerfailing to keep your crush on the down low around the other villainsVideo game boss attack patternsthe way japanese video game characters move drives me nutsChoice anxietywhen you know only the random English parts in a non-English songAnime Club David Fincher, 1999no shoes, no shirtFather tries to connect with his nerdy son pt. 3Rewatching an unskippable cutscene every time you dieWhen you have to keep restarting but at least the level music is dopeOverly self-conscious to talk to a video game shopkeeper and accidentally stealing an item in front of themits effieHealthy tipme on choppedStealth video tac toe sports animeMaybe shorten those anime attack namesWhen a video game enemy glitches during a chase sequenceA bumblebee with horrible allergiesMaybe a villain song wasnt the best ideaA mob boss who thinks guns are called poopy-popsA man who is physically unable to prevent himself from singing any song he hearsThe four Hogwarts housesSwitching from the second lap to the last lap in Mario KartMs. Frizzles exasperated principalNaming the main character your name in a video gameA guy who really doesnt want to be the main character in an animebonding with your fire emblem spouse pt. 2bonding with your fire emblem spouseThey should make a show about my lifeA man whose favorite food gains sentiencedo they EVER put down their phonesFriends dont let friends read Garfield read 2dclouds Winter Collection of altcomics instead on Kickstarter nowWhen you forget if youve saved your game or not so you save one thousand timesA man caught in a time loop on his birthdayA really passive aggressive GPSNicknaming your PokemonNaming your rival in PokemonA trainer that cant remember any of his Pokemons namesNothing gets past those brilliant internet commentersFirst boss who didnt actually expect to kill the heroMobster whose accent is so thick his subordinates cant understand himRPG boss gets pissed at the player skipping his dialogueWhat rich people are like probably pt. 2A golf commentator commentating on a Yu-Gi-Oh duelevery animated movie trailer I hateFather tries to connect with his nerdy son pt. 2People who dont wear glasses whenever you take off yoursBehind the scenesA guy not very concerned about his serial killer roommateWhen you cant hear them a third time so you just kinda nod and laughA vampire who accidentally eats garlic breadbad roommateGrandma is hospitable to allA man who enjoys pasta just a little too muchMaybe dont give Pokemon to year oldsAn opera singer who never actually learned how to sing operaA relatively understanding muggerA really evil guy but a really good dad pt. 2Pokemon tries saying more than just its own nameA man who is afraid of the color blueAn attorney whose last resort is attempting to seduce the judgePokemon guy who comments first on YouTube videoswhite peopleGollums real voiceIf people were treated the way we treat petsGive em the old one twoRejected first draft of The Star-Spangled BannerSinger who forgets the words to the U.S. National Anthem on the first noteMobster whose subordinates are too afraid to correct his of bada bing bada boomFather tries to connect with his nerdy sonAmiibo Festival is brutalThe Magic School Bus Drops a DeuceWhen all the party members die except one and they get all the EXPOlafs darkest secretA man whos really nice, but has a supervillain laughThe coworker nobody likes at the naval mine factoryCartoon characters doing impressions of regular humansA man who doesnt know there is a number between and 9

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