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Publish date: 2017 Apr 27

Author: Moe Sargi

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Description: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LIKE THIS VIDEO AND SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDSWe were invited to check out a local 1800s historic haunted mansion Frank Saxon house to spend the night and see if there were real ghostsspirits present in the house. We decided to not only make this a ghost demon investigation, but also make it a hour overnight challenge as well y spending the night. THIS ONE WAS VERY SCARY Check out the wedding barn in Brooksville FL Saxon Events Weddings Ghosts Tours coming soon to the Saxon House.Patty Adams G-Team Paranormal MY LAST HOUR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE AT A HAUNTED HOUSE TO MY DAILY VLOG TO OMARS ME ON INSTAGRAM ME ON MORE HEREGOLD Hour Overnight Challenge In An Undiscovered Gold Mine Cave -BEST HOUR CHALLENGE BY COPS HOUR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE ON A DESERTED ISLAND GONE WRONG HOUR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE AT A SKATING RINK HOUR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE IN ABANDONED HAUNTED HOUSE SNEAKING INTO HAUNTED HOUSE FOUND HOUR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE IN ABANDONED TRAINS SNEAKING INTO TRAIN httpswww.youtube.comwatchvx3Amj...

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