100% proof Trump did NOT mock a reporter's disability — made same gesture about a flustered Cruz

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Publish date: 2017 Feb 23

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Description: proof Donald Trump did NOT mock a reporters disability. He makes the same hand gesture impersonating a flustered Ted Cruz. One of the responses I get to this clip is the allegation that Trump purposely made the gesture seen here to pretend he often does it. My answer is this I spotted Trump making this gesture at a rally last February and so I clipped the video and posted it on my account. I tried to get it traction. I even tried to contact Trumps campaign. Nobody picked it up. Trumps campaign never mentioned it. No surrogates of Trump ever mentioned it. It had a couple of thousand views for a long time and went unnoticed until Catholics4Trump did an article which linked to this clip and other clips I was unaware of with Trump flailing his arms in a similar manner.You can read that report here Trump did this gesture on purpose here, someone in his camp would have brought it up. They never did.The clip is taken from a rally in Charleston, SC 2-19-16 Happens at about ~2940 in that video.Another video with other instance of Trump flailing his arms will immigrating people Exposed Donald Trump Did NOT Make Fun of a Disabled DEMs pulled the same stunt in tampa dumb trolls. please read the story of Trump kicking out kid with Cerebral Palsy from Tampa rally...Trump yelling at kid and mother get out. get out guess what . biased media. I was with Vicki AT THAT VERY RALLY. Heres exactly what we saw and I will post on EVERY site I find this story. The rally was held at Tampa Fairgrounds in a very large pavilion building...the crowd was large inside maybe about 3k couldnt get inside everyone but the media and a few handicap had bleachers assigned she could of had a great seat at the handicap bleachers with her son. BUT NO Thats suspecious but hey give her the doubt,,. Everyone else was standing.. her son and her ..were buried in a sea of people standing all around except for her sign poking up and her loud yelling. My video might have it in it ill look she was off to the left of us ..Trust me and published videos bright lights in Trumps face as well he could not see her son much less her and her disruptive yell...ok people ..its from his point just demonstrators and we know they are dangerous in a rally remember Hillaries reaction to demonstrators at her rally or do we forget Anyway Trump wanted to continue the rally without her daaahhh. So secret service and police removed them...ok fair and equitable press Thats exactly what I saw but the Press says he picks on a child with Cerebral Palsey. America we are in serious trouble. Our Press is taking sides in elections this is against Journalist OWN code of ethics they agree too.. its also known as Yellow Journalism ...also think please about this ..it violates campaign contribution laws....why Because. ..if I run Free slander ads against a person running for office ..I am indirectly buying that candidate free the country has a limit on how much EVERY person can donate to a candidate see something here so wrong tgese are undocumented contributions ..we are in trouble as a country..httpswww.youtube.comwatchvM4604...

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