The Most Unusual Couples To Get Married

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Publish date: 2017 Jan 20

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Description: Top of the most bizarre weddings and relationships to ever exist.Subscribe to our channel say “love is blind”, which is the only way people have managed to explain some of the oddest pairings in the world. We are used to seeing the glamourous couples of Hollywood that are simply gorgeous and destined to be together. We are even used to seeing the popular kids at school becoming a couple, and we tend to stick to our “types”, or the people we are supposed to be with. There’s no telling who exactly wrote these rules of society most likely the media, and we have it ingrained in our brains and our very being that if we are “person type A” then we have to find our “person type B”. How often have we heard someone say, “Oh they’re not my type” or “He doesn’t go for girls like me” Today in this day and age, people are breaking these conventional rules of relationships and taking major risks and going for the person who is out of their league.The couples in this video are some of the oddest in the world. They are unconventional and a match made in, well, we don’t know what to call it. From marriages to animals to finding someone just as odd and unique as them, these odd couples serve as an inspiration for both groups of people who want to dare to find someone different, or go with the stream and find someone just like them if they are weird themselves.For example, we have a woman who went through a marriage ceremony with a dolphin that she has known for over years. Speaking of the animal kingdom, there was a gay penguin couple that made headlines around the world. The literal love birds were used as examples to prove that homosexuality is not only natural, but can provide a loving environment for offspring since the couple adopted an egg.Another controversial couple that made headlines was the couple with the largest age gap between a year old girl and a year old man, making it a year age difference. But apparently the marriage was consensual and the man’s sixth wife insists that she wasn’t forced to marry the man who was old enough to be her great-great grandfather. Then there is the youngest couple that also made headlines, but for different reasons. The marriage between a year old girl and a year old boy was fulfilling the wish of the little girl who was dying of leukemia and would never grow up to see her own wedding day as an adult. So she married her best friend that she made while undergoing treatment at the hospital.The rest of the couples on this list are unique in terms of their appearance and how they got together. There is even a couple that was married for years. In a world where marriages seldom last past five years, this is really odd in today’s terms, especially since both spouses remained alive long enough to meet this milestone.Our Social MediaFacebook DolphinYoungest CoupleSame Sex PenguinsCouple with the Largest Age GapMarriage with a GoatLongest Married CoupleWorld’s Largest CoupleWorld’s Shortest CoupleCouple with the Same NameLongest Separated CoupleFor more videos and articles is the worlds leading source of shocking and intriguing content surrounding celebrities, money, global events, society, pop culture, sports and much more. We create high quality top and top list based videos filled with mind blowing interesting and entertaining facts you are going to love and enjoy. Currently updating every day

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