Honest Trailers - Mortal Kombat

Length: 5:52

Publish date: 2017 Feb 22

Author: Screen Junkies

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Description: Before you watch Assassins Creed try to shake off all the video game movie stink that came before it, strap in for two movies full of fighters who cant act and actors who cant fight - Mortal Kombat Check out more Epic Voice Guy a tip Email us ► us on Twitter ► us on Facebook ► Screen Junkies Gear ►► our iPhone App ►► our Android App Narration by Jon Bailey design by Robert Holtby Series Created by Andy Signore - Brett WeinerWritten by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell Andy SignoreEdited by TJ Nordaker.Also while we have you, why not check out our Emmy-Nominated HONEST Feat. of Thrones Vol. Potter Bad Lord Of The Wars Force Awakens v Superman Dawn of Justice httpbit.lyHT_BvS

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