Honest Trailers - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Length: 6:40

Publish date: 2017 Jan 17

Author: Screen Junkies

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Description: Sign up for ScreenJunkies Plus Now ►► ALERT The Force has awakened Strap in for an all out battle between desert orphans, depressed Sith wannabes, and super adorable droids PLUS - a very special blast from the pastCheck out what happened after the credits stopped rolling on your favorite movies on our new show with How It Should Have Ended After Credits a tip Email us ► us on Twitter ► us on Facebook ► Screen Junkies Gear ►► Narration by Jon Bailey Epic Voice Gannon Nickell - Menace Epic Voice Ptolemy Slocum - Epic Voice Doug Medlock - Plinkett - Title design by Robert Holtby Series Created by Andy Signore - Brett WeinerWritten by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, and Andy SignoreEdited by Anthony Falleroni and Dan MurrellAlso while we have you, why not check out more HONEST TRAILERSHonest Trailers - The Revenant Trailers - Batman Trailers - Superman Trailers - Mockingjay Part Trailers - Insurgent Trailers - The Oscars Trailers - The Walking Dead Seasons Trailers - Scott Pilgrim vs. The Trailers - Trailers - Agents of Trailers - Trailers - Pearl Harbor Trailers - The Martian Trailers - Die Trailers - Star Wars Ep III Revenge of the Trailers - Trailers - Trailers - Fantastic Four Trailers - Star Trailers - TERMINATOR Teaser - STAR WARS THE FORCE Trailers - INSIDE Trailers - BACK TO THE Trailers - JURASSIC Trailers - Trailers - AVENGERS AGE OF Trailers- PETER PAN Trailers - FURIOUS Trailers - THE Trailers - FROZEN Trailers - MAD MAX FURY Trailers - KINGSMAN THE SECRET Trailers - Trailers - FANTASTIC FOUR Trailers - Trailers - SUPER MARIO Trailers - IRON Trailers - MAGIC Trailers - TERMINATOR JUDGMENT Trailers - TOY Trailers - THE LOST WORLD JURASSIC Trailers - ENTOURAGE Trailers - Trailers - JUPITER Trailers - PITCH Trailers - FIFTY SHADES OF GREY 100th Trailers - HULK Teaser - BATMAN V SUPERMAN DAWN OF you still reading this Type TR8R in the comments below

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