Ted Cruz Questions Jeff Sessions. This is Awesome!

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Publish date: 2017 Mar 27

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Lindsey Graham Questions Judge Gorsuch. This is Great in Many Ways!

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WH Presser: Sean Spicer's Opening Statement

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Senator Johnson Questions Tillerson. This is Really Good!

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More From Jim Jordan. Still Pushing For Full O'Care Repeal.

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WH Presser Featuring AG Jeff Sessions 3-27-17

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Jeff Sessions reacts to being called a "bigot"

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Neil Gorsuch Hearing: Senator Ted Cruz Questions and Answers!

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More Trump-Hating Masked Thugs Attack Peaceful Trump Rally

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One Freedom Caucus Member Quits the Group! Check Him Out!

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The Latest News on the Jeff Sessions Russian Flap! Good Grief!

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Vice President Mike Pence! Pro-Israel Speech to AIPAC in Full.

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Neil Gorsuch Hearing: Senator Mike Lee Questions and Answers!

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Cory Booker's Impassioned Testimony Against Jeff Sessions

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Here's Nooot's Opinion on What Went Wrong and What to Do Next!

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Jim Jordan of the Freedom Caucus Interview

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Wow! Dana Loesch! This is Awesome! Just Sayin' :-)

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Senators Get In TENSE, Heated Exchange Over Jeff Sessions Record

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