Ted Cruz Questions Jeff Sessions. This is Awesome!

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Publish date: 2017 Jul 23

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Jeff Sessions reacts to being called a "bigot"

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WATCH Marco Rubio Perfectly Break Down The Jeff Sessions Hearing - Jeff Sessions Hearing In 10min

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Looking for Crime in All the Wrong Places! Kellyanne Conway!

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"Believe Everything I Say After You Caught Me Lying"

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Anthony Scaramucci Addresses WH Press Corp! Awesome!

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MORNING JOE 7.23.17 Democratic senator: Sessions should recuse, likely resign

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Trey Gowdy Finds Out FBI Director James Comey Won't Obey The Law & He's Pissed

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RACHEL MADDOW 7/22/17 Exclusive: DoJ won't say if Sessions is recused on Manafort

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Is Pres Trump Trying to Get AG Jeff Sessions to Step Down?

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Franken "Sets the Record Straight" Over Cruz Comments During Sessions Hearing

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Kellyanne Conway on WH Shake-up and More! She Rocks!

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BREAKING: Trump Makes Surprise Announcement About What Ted Cruz Did

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Kamala Harris makes Jeff Sessions NERVOUS and SCARED

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