10 Unusual Couples In Odd Relationships

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Publish date: 2017 Jan 20

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Description: Top Oddest Couples around the world ever to get to our channel copyright matters please contact us at Videos You Might LikeTeens You Wont Believe Exist Kids Who Suffered Terrible Punishments The heart wants what it wants. As we find ourselves once again fast approaching Valentine’s Day on February 14th, unconventional couples all over the world are offering hope to those seeking love that there is someone - or something - out there for everybody as long as you’re looking in the right place. In a modern age in which the definition or marriage has come under question and people are expanding their minds in a determination of just who can be with who, we are seeing a new generation of pairs that defy traditional standards of romantic partnership.For some, love simply cannot be realized within any conventional methods of dating or , either for reasons physical or psychological. There are folks whose uncommon height make it difficult for them to see eye to eye with any prospective beau. Meanwhile, there are others who suffer from , an attraction to inanimate objects, or who are a little too fond for their pets. Then again, though, who are we to question feelings and views that seem a little outside of the norm Even those that operate beyond the traditional attitudes and values that have become entrenched as our cultural standard can find themselves immersed in happy, fulfilling and loving partnerships that satisfy their emotional needs for , odd relationships are borne out of understandably necessary circumstances. In a world where it’s been said that “all you need is love”, there have been harrowing stories of a grade school marriage for a young girl who would otherwise never live to have seen wedded bliss and heartwarming tales of couples reunited after years spent apart. Sure, an attraction to a pet, video game character, national landmark or a man nearly years your senior might seem a little creepy, but those loving relationships have brought happiness to those extremely unique individuals within them. You may not wish to share your wife with another man, but who’s to say that arrangement doesn’t suit the lifestyle choices of another perfectly content familyIndeed, there are some odd relationships out there that fly in the face of our conventional notions of what love is. But the strong bonds of mutual attraction know no one specific shape, size or fundamental qualification. Love is, as they say, blind, so the perspective that is shared within a particular loving partnership could look far different internally than it does from the outside. So kudos, then, to these pairs - or trios or even individuals - who have stepped outside the lines of what is considered normal to find their beloved match. It is these people who show us that love can transcend age, with no limit on how old nor young one can be to find their other half. They show us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is not subject to any gendered or even species’ed definition. Here are stories of love achieved in remarkable, heart-wrenching and, okay, sometimes rather bizarre ways.Our Social MediaFacebook more videos and articles visithttpwww.therichest.com

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